I know my shapes

I haven’t had time to write these past few weeks so I thought I’d string together a few thoughts about a few things and just let them sit here filling the space I would have instead. I’m thinking about five things because that is a good number, and since I am forcing words to sit together, I might as well give each cluster a paragraph its own because that feels like a way to let things have just enough space to grow but not become long-winded essays to the gods of nothing. I think one should just decide early on if they want a long winding tale or not and go with it. I never want to feel like I’m trying to keep someone’s attention and I think I sometimes decide to lose it just because. I’m making note of five things because that feels like a good round number, I think?

1. A parallelogram of a building

2. A triangular face of water

3. An oval face

4. A rectangular window

5. A round castle

The first thing, a parallelogram of a building I saw on a rainy day. The way it sat there with its angles and lines straight but never meeting in one place, disappearing into the clouds… I thought that was arresting.

The second was, is still I guess, a triangular face of water. This water face, with the faint glitter of the bay’s lights, brought life into what would otherwise have been just an expanse of liquid nothingness.

The third, an oval face. Oval faces can be full of beauty, this I’m sure because this one was. But the ellipse was made jagged by the words in it, some funny some heavy, an occurrence from a happenstance pleasant trip to a gallery.

The rectangular window: windows come in many shapes but none so classic as the rectangle! The later summer sun in the corner was an added blessing.

A round castle atop a wine bottle I looked at for a bit longer than I should have probably –a majestic structure bound up in softness.

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